Be your own boss with Helpstar

Helpstar — is an online platform that allows cleaners like you to get more work and have more control over what you earn.


Be flexible with the hours you want
to work or spend with your family.
You can manage your work
schedule in real time,
from your smartphone.


No need to track down your customers for
payments.View your earnings online
and have them deposited directly
into your bank account twice a month,
together with 100% of your tips.

Job Routing

You can choose your own jobs, or
have the jobs automatically allocated to you,
in a way that would optimize
your daily cleaning routes,
minimizing your travel time

ATM in
Your Pocket

You can select new jobs, see your account balance and edit your availability
directly from your smartphone

First Class

You can be taught best
international practices on how to carry
our residential cleanings.

Equipment & Supplies

Take advantage of quality
professional equipment and supplies,
that make cleaning work easier

How Helpstar works

Helpstar is a technology platform for cleaning professionals that allows you to choose your own work hours, areas where you wish to work, and have your cleaning routes conveniently planned for you throughout the day.

Customers book cleanings through the Helpstar platform, specifying their address, apartment details and cleaning requirements. We take their booking details and match each cleaning job with an available Helpstar cleaner who is looking to work, and is scheduled to complete another booking shortly prior, or is expected to be in close proximity to the location of the new booking.

Your jobs are scheduled for you in the most efficient way, minimizing travel and downtime.

You can also earn additional income by referring friends to become both cleaners and customers.

Cleaner Testimonials

Unlike with other companies in the past, I don’t have to start the day from company’s office. Instead, I only visit the Helpstar’s headquarters once a month, to pick up supplies, and receive payments directly to my debit card. This saves me a ton of time. Elena, cleaner
Helpstar provides me with steady flow of jobs every day, typically close to my home. When I feel like it, I also pick up additional jobs from those available in other parts of the city. Olga, cleaner
I can choose the hours I work, based on when I need to look after my mother, not the other way around. I don’t have to do jobs outside the hours I select, unless I want to. Lyudmila, cleaner
What is different from being independent cleaner is the support I receive if ever I need any help. With Helpstar I know that I will receive my earnings on regular basis, directly to my bank card. Larisa, cleaner



  • average income up to 55,000₽
  • flexible schedule that you choose yourself
  • professional cleaning equipment, uniform and supplies
  • jobs accessible via public
  • additional training

You will:

  • clean private apartments and homes
  • wash dishes and windows, and clean kitchen appliances
  • do ironing


  • you are authorized to work in the Russian Federation, and pass background check
  • you are good at planning your time and following plans
  • you are friendly, customer oriented and take pride in your work
  • prior cleaning / housekeeper experience preferred


For additional information please write to us at
or call us at 8 (800) 555-92-90