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How do I pay?

Helpstar allows for bookings to be paid for in cash, or with a Visa or Mastercard bank card.


To take advantage of regularly scheduled booking prices, such bookings must be paid for with a bank card. One-time bookings can be paid for with either cash or with a bank card.


If paying in cash, please pay your Helpstar profession upon the completion of the service.


If paying by card, you will be automatically charged the price of each booking, either at the time of your home cleaning, or upon the delivery of your cleaned garments. To authenticate the validity of your card during the booking process, we will preauthorize your card in the amount of 1.00 Rub. If you choose to tip your Helpstar professional upon the completion of your booking, the tip amount will be charged to your card as a separate transaction.


To ensure the security of your card payment data, all card payments are processed using the most advanced methods of verification, encryption, transmission of data via secure channels. Your card details will only be entered on a secure payment page of OJSC “Alfa-Bank” (, where you will be  redirected upon confirming your booking information.