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​ What’s included in Helpstar cleaning?

All Helpstar home cleanings are carried out in adherence with standardized Ideal Clean Technology (ICT) methodology. Every cleaning is checked off against ICT’s signature 42-Point Checklist that guarantees that your entire home will be cleaned top to bottom to the same high standards, every time.

See the full 42-Point Cleaning Checklist here.

Helpstar professionals are equipped with quality cleaning tools and supplies from top-tier manufacturers that will not damage your home, and can be safely used in households with children and pets.


For a deeper clean, consider adding cleaning extras:

  • clean inside microwave or oven;
  • wash dishes;
  • clean inside refrigerator;
  • wash windows or clean balcony
  • iron clothes and linens;
  • arrange for clothes and linens to be dry-cleaned


We do not currently offer:

  • steam furniture cleaning and deep stain removal;
  • services that require the use of biologically hazardous materials;
  • services that require lifting or moving heavy furniture;
  • cleaning in areas with limited access;
  • we do not shovel snow, leaves or do any type of garden work.