How it Works

Helpstar is the only English language platform in Russia focused on booking domestic cleaning, dry-cleaning and laundry services.

The booking process is uber quick and simple, with immediate pricing and availability confirmations. You can pay securely online with your bank card and take advantage of Helpstar’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Discounts are available for regularly scheduled services.


Instantly book your apartment cleaning through Helpstar’s website or mobile app. Simply provide you home details, select convenient date and time, and Helpstar will take care of the rest!

What's included in cleaning?

Customers that leave comments to be relayed to their Helpstar professionals tend to be happier with the cleanings they receive. You can specify high-priority areas, items that requiring special care, what should be left alone, etc.


Manage your booking at anytime, online or via Helpstar mobile app.

You can cancel, reschedule and make changes to your bookings, and also keep track of the status of your home cleaning in real-time!

If you have any last second comments, you can call your Helpstar professional directly from the website or the Helpstar mobile app.


A dependable and highly qualified professional will be at your doorstep on time and equipped with top quality tools and supplies, to get the job done.

For your peace of mind all Helpstar professionals are background checked and covered by liability insurance policy.


Please review the quality of service provided by your cleaner. Our platform relies on customer reviews to ensure the consistently high quality of service provided by Helpstar professionals.

If you love our on-demand home services, share the joy with your friends. Each friend you refer will save 500₽ on their first Helpstar booking and you will receive 500₽ credit on your account too.

More questions? Check out our Q&A section here ;)